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Our Mission

To be the primary contract resource in strategic marketing for small and medium sized enterprises. We bring proven strategic marketing expertise at a price point and time frame specifically designed for the SME business.

What We Do

SME Research LLC is a management consulting company that advises small and medium sized enterprise (SME) companies on strategic planning, business plan development, competitive intelligence and market research.

Large corporations have internal departments dedicated to providing the firm with economic data, market trends, customer feedback and competitive intelligence. But small and medium sized enterprises may find themselves spending all their time "running the business" and, as a result, fall behind in their knowledge of market and competitive changes. SME Research can help you stay informed and grow your business.

We work across many industry sectors - our expertise is in market research and market data analysis. We have worked with several new media and technology start-up businesses to refine their offerings and help secure funding; with hospitals conducting physician and other medical staff satisfaction tracking surveys; with dental practices measuring patient satisfaction tracking; with multi-location retail businesses, with non-profit social service agencies; with software developers, social commerce developers, and several ISPs.